good infinity, bad infinity, 2018. Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation.

Against a backdrop of production and construction, the constant exchange of goods and materials, and an ever-changing cityscape along the waterways in Saigon and Sharjah, Bùi attempts to understand the idea of 'home' and the human-scale experience of rapid urban changes in an individual's lifetime.

Are certain types of growth necessary, or are they merely speculative investment bubbles? Are there traditions from the past that we should retain, or are we heading towards a future where, as Henri Lefebvre observes, ‘old “ways of life” become folklore’? Do we actually have ownership in the shaping of our cities, or do we feel completely at the mercy of the process? And what is our direct relationship to the land and water?

good infinity, bad infinity
13:46 minutes. 3-channel video installation

September 2018–10 January 2019 
Dar Al Nadwa, Calligraphy Square 
Sharjah Art Foundation

as a part of March project, Autumn 2018 Exhibitions